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What We Do

Internet broadcasting combines the power of live events with the high impact of video presentation, and allows you to deliver live events, seminars and training sessions straight to your chosen audiences, wherever they are.

Live events are immediately archived and can be made available to delegates, on demand for up to six months after your conference or event.



How We Do It

Video3 brings a fresh approach to Internet Broadcasting. We understand the problems our clients face and we consistently overcome them. Our philosophy is to make things easy, effective and extraordinarily affordable.

Video3 Internet Broadcasting delivers a range of benefits in areas such as finance, communications, events, conferences, presentations, training and education.



We’ll provide you with Webinars that capture the attention of your audience and maintain their interest. And we work on many different types of programmes, from interviews and events to promotional videos, documentaries and training films.





What we do...

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We specialise in the following areas of communications and learning development.

Conferences & Events

You can significantly increase both the number and the geographical spread of your audience. Internet broadcasting makes your conference truly inclusive. We’ve delivered hundreds, so the benefits are clear.

Streaming Experts

We stream presentations by subject experts from around the world, straight to your conference venue as well as to your online audiences.

Training & CPD

Training can be delivered simply and efficiently, often without the learner leaving his or her home or office. In real terms the cost can be less than £10 per person to attend a training session.


Promote your organisation on video. We can advise on the right approach, plus we’ll produce and edit your BizCast ready for Internet Broadcasting on your own site.


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