Improving and delivering your communications, training and e-learning strategies

About Video3 Internet Broadcasting

Since our beginnings in 2006, our focus has been on helping clients achieve their business goals by providing easy-to-use, affordable solutions that are easily implemented and don’t require steep learning curves.

It shouldn’t really matter what the economic climate is, there will always be a demand for products and services that deliver almost instant results and a swift return on investment.

We can show you what has worked for other clients and how we can customise it to suit your particular needs. Our flexible approach, and the advice we’re able to offer, ensure that you gain the results and benefits you’re looking for… in communications, briefings, events, training and e-Learning.



Meet The Team

Portrait of Ken


Ken was involved for many years in his family’s business, always taking the lead role in sales and marketing. The business was a major Scottish dealership and distributor of broadcast and audio-visual equipment for companies like Sony and Panasonic. Ken then teamed up with Joe Dorfman to establish Video3.

One of Ken’s personal interests is his music, which he plays as well as listens to. He will tell you he is only average but don’t believe a word of it. His other passion is his two rescue dogs, both Labradors, which he adores.

Portrait of Joe


Joe has spent most of his working life working with Panasonic and Sony, two of the major players in the video and broadcast market. He then went on to form Video3 with long time friend and colleague, Ken Enderby, and is passionate about both Video3 and the benefits of internet broadcasting.

Together, they have built the company from scratch. Joe is the ultimate ‘morning person’ and can be found taking calm and contemplative walks along the beach at his home in Troon, usually around 5.30am. He is also the proud owner of two cats and an African Grey parrot called Barney, who impersonates Joe so well that people regularly get them mixed up – if in doubt, assume it‘s Barney on the phone.

Portrait of Elsie


Elsi, originally from Finland, has been living in Scotland for almost four years now and is a filmmaking and screenwriting graduate. Elsi is a passionate photographer, especially enjoying nature and street photography.

In her free time she enjoys playing floorball, walks with her dog and various handcrafts.