We like to provide our clients with all the information they need to understand Internet Broadcasting and to get the best possible results, so here you’ll find various resources with helpful information and advice.

The resources are available in PDF format and you can download them freely. Simply click on the item that interests you then read it, download it or circulate it to your colleagues..

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A simple Guide to Internet Broadcasting

A basic introduction to internet broadcasting and what every organiser of an event needs to know

Download (PDF)

The New Presenter’s Guide

Tips for those who are making a presentation at a live event that is also being broadcast to remote delegates via the internet

Download (PDF)

The New Chair’s Guide to Internet Broadcasting

A list of do’s and don’ts to ensure the smooth delivery of your live webcasts

Download (PDF)

The New Organiser’s Guide to Internet Broadcasting

For anyone tasked with delivering a live webcast as part of your conference or event programme this is a must.

Download (PDF)

The New Facilitator’s Guide to Internet Broadcasting

Some simple steps to ensure that your remote group derives maximum benefit and enjoyment from the webcast.

Download (PDF)

Free Webcast Resources

Here are links to our most popular broadcasts and presentations including our Alzheimers Resource Library, the Scottish Centre for Telehealth & Telecare, Scottish Ambulance Service quarterly briefings and presentations from Multiple Sclerosis Managed Clinical Network

Download (PDF)

FeedBack Plus

A simple guide to capturing the most positive aspects of your conference or events

Download (PDF)